Video and written reviews by Nixon and Dovey fans.

– Julie Lindberg, Charlotte NC

“Nixon and Dovey is a fascinating book that kept my attention from the first page to the last. It is biographical fiction that showcases the life of the protagonist, a very complex and apparently controversial man, Nixon Curry, and his love interest, Dovey Caldwell. The story is set in the antebellum period of 1811 to about 1824 in Charlotte, North Carolina and the surrounding areas. In addition to Nixon and Dovey there are a wide range of diverse side-characters including native Indians, black slaves, and a Scotsman who serves at Nixon’s sidekick. The depth of these characters and the way they are developed throughout the novel is one of the real strengths of this work. I felt I could identify with all of the characters, even the villains whom I didn’t want to enjoy reading about but somehow captured my emotions.

The book starts with Nixon Curry, age 14, being invited to race in his first horse race. Horse racing, slavery, and culture clashes between the aristocracy and the pioneer-farming community provide much of the backdrop of the story. Three subplots: Nixon’s childhood friendship with a slave, Cyrus; the rivalry between Nixon and his horse racing mentor, Ben Wilson; and the developing romance between Nixon and Dovey all intertwine to form an entertaining, emotionally packed, and action driven romance. I can already see the movie playing in my mind – hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to watch this on the big screen someday!”

-Thom J. Sloan Cedar Park, Texas

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Thom Sloan has a secret!  Watch his video review and find out what it is!
“I enjoy history and I enjoy reading fiction, so this book did not disappoint. Many of the names rang true for me since I have seen them in my family tree back in the early 1800’s. Mr. Curry has done a masterful job of capturing the spirit of the times and developing interesting and engaging characters built around historical facts. The story has all the elements of a good fiction novel; good and evil, a protagonist and his love, suspense, and drama. Nixon is so charming and talented, it hard not to become a supporter of his.  Dovey is so spirted and independent, she does remind me a bit of Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Wind. The book drew me in and I couldn’t put it down!”

Thom J. Sloan (distant relative of Nixon Curry) Cedar Park, Texas

– Bob Hughes, Carmel, Indiana

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Great history,  compelling story, memorable characters…
“In reading history or historical novels I like to get a sense of what it was like to live in the period of the narrative, in this case the immediate post-revolutionary period. Curry has delivered while creating colorful and memorable characters and a truly interesting story. The pace slowly crescendos as the plot thickens before exploding into a real page-turner. The story starts with a 14-year-old Nixon Curry, the youngest son of a large and loving family. The youth exhibits unusual talents with horses and hunting which prove invaluable later in the story. I know everyone will love the Dovey character because she is so compelling, initially seeming to be rather innocent and naïve, but her strength grows into a strong woman. However, I became attached to Nixon Curry’s partner, the Scottish Latta McConnell. To me his part in the story is particularly interesting. He remains a true and loyal friend throughout their trials while his Scottish slant on things are quite entertaining. I must not give the ending away but it is a real shocker. Well done!”

– Don Fitzwater, Edmond, Oklahoma

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I always find myself drawn to a heroic guy carving out a path I can only wish I could have experienced…

“I loved this book.  I’ve often wondered what it would have been like to live in a new America, and I’m always attracted to characters drawn from that period.  Adventure mixed with a love story is always luring to me, and I always find myself drawn to a heroic guy carving out a path I can only wish I could have experienced.  Strangely, this book found me sympathizing with the Dovey Caldwell’s struggle more than any other character.  More was asked of her than anyone else in the story, and she gave more than anyone else.  She gave up new world aristocracy to work side by side with commoners to pursue a new start with the only young man she would ever love.  When coupled with Nixon’s innocence and uncompromising pursuit of her, I could feel myself also struggling against the obstacles that only brought them closer and closer.”

 – Jan Calvert, Nashville, TN

The Book That Just Keeps You Wanting More…

“I just loved this story.  There are so many colorful and diverse characters you can’t help but to be captivated.  Latta, the redheaded Scotsman, was cleverly developed as Nick’s reliable friend through thick and thin. I wanted to see how he was going to impact Nick’s life.  His Scottish dialect along with those of native Indians and uneducated black slaves are well crafted and add significant depth and believability to the characters.  But Nixon himself is so well scripted you can’t help but want to keep turning the page. 

There were two scenes that struck me as so clear and dramatic that I felt I might have seen them in a theater. The bright red flames from a plantation fire reflecting off Dovey’s fearful face introduces us to her youthful beauty, naivety, and cultural dependence while shadowing a shocking and disturbing twist in the plot. From there you have to read on. But my favorite scene might be when Nick escapes jail, rides to meet Ben, and then races to put himself back in jail. It is so well setup that the complexity and almost superhuman maneuvers of Nick become very believable. It’s a pivotal point in the book that just keeps you wanting more.

Without giving away the ending, I can say it was exciting, surprising, and emotional. I can’t wait to read the sequel. Five stars in my book!”